Supernova Quilt Pattern


Hi guys, what a pleasure to have you here. In this space you will find beautiful ideas, modern patterns and different techniques. If you crochet, if you knit, if you haven’t started but are interested in learning, all this and a little more you will find in this community. So, welcome, come and learn a world of possibilities with us.

Today we want to show you the Supernova Quilt, a very colorful pattern that looks great to decorate different environments. Whether in the bedroom, covering the entire bed, on the sofa, in an armchair. This quilt looks beautiful with several pillows in colors that match the tones of the stars. You will see that the environment is much more cozy.


Quilts are usually made in blocks. Many are repeated a few times and here in the diagram you can see that some are different. Once you’ve chosen the colors and fabrics you’re going to use, it’s easier if you separate the blocks and cutouts for each one of them so you don’t get confused and run out at the end.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Prints are also released. You can choose one or two prints and base your color palette on the ones that are there. It looks beautiful, it goes together very well and I’m sure it will be a success. You can cut and assemble to see how it will look and only then start sewing. Use this time to make changes.

When choosing fabrics, pay attention to quality materials. Your work is even more highlighted and you will have a piece that will last for a long time. You won’t regret investing a little more at this time, the result pays off. In the end, the supernova quilt will measure approximately 96-1/4″ square. Read the entire pattern, assembly and sewing tips before starting anything, it makes a lot of difference during the process. Come on, let’s quilt together. See you soon in a new pattern.