Sweet Snowballs Quilt – Free Pattern


Hey sweeties! How nice to meet you here. I am very happy to know that, year in and year out, you continue to keep us company. We are always looking for new patterns, new trends and we want to share so that our community gets bigger and bigger. So new ideas come up more often and we encourage each other to continue. Today couldn’t be different and Sweet Snowballs Quilt is coming this way.

Another incredible model, with delicate colors and tones that complement each other. All this makes the quilt even more charming and very elegant to decorate a new environment. Nothing better than a corner with lots of pillows and a comfortable quilt for us to snuggle up at the end of the day. In moments like this we see the importance of each item. Impossible for you not to pull the quilt and stay there, just enjoying the minutes of rest.


But for that to happen, we need to quilt a little. This model is very beautiful and simple to make. It may seem more complicated because they are different clippings. But calm down, it’s just squares that the ends will be removed. You will change the corners between fabrics with different prints and colors. Then just sew and assemble each of the blocks.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: FaveCrafts

Making the cuts in the right measurements, you can be sure that everything will fit together and you won’t have wasted fabric. In this quilt, the choice of colors is important. You can see that the prints are different, but they are all in the same color palette. That’s why they complement each other, combine very well and make the quilt very delicate. If you want to use more vibrant colors, be careful to choose just a few main colors and keep them in all prints. I’m sure it will be amazing too.

Following the step by step, in the end you will have a quilt of approximately, 52 1⁄2×60 1⁄2″. Each block measures 8″ square. If you want to increase or decrease the size of the quilt, just change the number of blocks, simple as that. The sweet snowballs quilt is perfect for decorating your home, giving as a gift to a loved one or selling and guaranteeing that extra at the end of the month. Ready to get started? Come see the pattern available on FaveCrafts. Let’s quilt!