2 Modern Log Cabin Quilts ideas


Hello my loves! Ready to quilt? We hope to find you all well, looking forward to another beautiful quilt model. Today we mix modern with classy in the Modern Log Cabin Quilt. A very colorful quilt, contrasted with a darker tone for the background, further enhancing the colors you choose. It looks really nice and blends in with different environments. Besides being colorful, how about reusing scraps from other projects?

In this quilt you don’t need very large pieces, just that they are colored. If you still don’t have a lot of practice in quilting, we’ve separated some golden tips that can help you in the process. Before starting any step, until purchasing the materials, read the entire pattern a first time. To help avoid mistakes down the line, always read the complete cutting instructions before you begin.


To get the most out of fabrics, start by cutting out the larger shapes before turning to the smaller ones. If you miss the cut of a small size, you can use it for small cuts, the important thing is not to waste it.

To ensure points and seams match perfectly, you must cut correctly, sew accurately, and press precisely. Pressing is achieved by moving the iron up and down on the fabric rather than ironing, which moves the iron back and forth across the fabric.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Modern Log Cabin Pattern

As for the amount of fabrics, we separate the list with the measurements you will need to make a quilt of 66-1⁄2×77-1⁄2″. This quilt is made in blocks, each 11″ square.

  • 3-3⁄8 yards solid charcoal gray (blocks, binding);
  • 3-2⁄3 yards total assorted prints in yellow, orange, fuchsia, purple, and teal (blocks);
  • 4-7⁄8 yards backing fabric;
  • 75×86″ batting.

In the pattern you will find a way to quilt the diagrams. You can test different assemblies once the blocks are ready. Also, how about assembling beautiful pillows to match? You can make the cover from a block, with similar colors or the same as the quilt. This is a great option to sell, make quilt kits with the pillow cover. Access all the information about the modern log cabin in all people quilt, and come back and tell us what you think, how it was to make this beautiful quilt.