Calico Star Quilt – Free Pattern


Hey loves! How nice to start another week with your company. We are very grateful to know that you always remember us when you want to learn a new technique, a new pattern. Our team is always attentive, trying to bring all the news. Today we are going to learn the Calico Star Quilt. Another complete pattern, free and with a lot of valuable information. 

We never have too many quilts, each one has a touch, a different combination that brings a unique color to the environment. With the calico star it couldn’t be different. To make it you will need different colors and patterns of fabrics, and a plain color to be the “background” of your quilt. The main design of the quilt is the stars and to be evident, the contrast between the fabrics must exist. 


A lighter background, like the pattern, is easier to match. Very colorful prints, in pastel tones, delicate prints, all of them contrast with a white background. The dark background is also very beautiful, but you will need to pay a little more attention when combining. The tip that works for all quilts is to iron the fabrics before starting and keep the iron with you, it will be a great ally during the project.

Calico Star Quilt Pattern

Seeing the pattern you will notice that precut fabric was used. You can buy them in stores, they make your work easier and faster. If you prefer to use fabrics that you already have at home, you can cut them to the necessary size as well. It takes a little more work, takes a little more time, but the result is just as amazing.

  • 1 package 10″ print squares;
  • 1 package 10″ background squares;
  • 1½ yards background fabric — includes inner border;
  • Binding: 1 yard;
  • Backing: 81/4 yards – vertical seam(s) or 23/4 yards of 108″ wide.

When you finish the calico star, you will have a finished 24″ block. Putting nine blocks together and making the border, you will have a 91″ x 91″ quit. Quilts assembled from blocks are the easiest to change patterns. If you want a little different size, take the opportunity to change the measurement of the edge. It looks just as beautiful and with a personal touch. Shall we quilt? The pattern is available in Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the video for the first time, check the list of materials, see if you have everything you need and let’s quilt!