Learn How To Do The Trending Knot Pillow


The knot pillow can be used in diferents enviroments of your home, standing out in the living room, bedrooms and complementing the decorating of balconies, terraces ans playrooms. That’s because its playful plots and structures encourage children’s creativity and imagination. You can find different patterns, colors, stamps and textures. It’s hard not wanting to have a beauty like that at home.


Explore different colors to imprint a cheerful, optimistic and energetic atmosphere in the environment. If you choose the yellow color, this piece will enhance the room lighting and make the space brighter.The coolest thing about these pieces is that you don’t have to pick just one color.

There are many colors available that will be welcome in the home or decor of the person you are giving away. Or, if you prefer, you can make a mix of pillows, creating a little corner specifically for the knot pillows.

Knot Pillow

If you are looking for an excellent product to give someone on their birthday or for any other reason, take advantage of the aesthetics and creativity of the knot pillow for that. If the person you want to give a gift already loves decorating in general, the knot pillow will certainly be a perfect gift. It could also be an extra money.

The affection and satisfaction of being able to do your own knot pillow, makes the final result even more special. To make this new decorating trend, you’re gonna need:

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fabric (you can use mesh or tricoline)
  • Silicone fiber
  • Empty aluminum foil roll
  • Ruler
How to make a Knot pillow

First stretch your chosen fabric horizontally on a large table and cut 17 cm strips. Splice the strips to form 4 meters in length;

With the printed side of the fabric on the inside, secure the edges with pins to make the sewing step easier;

Sew in a straight line along the entire side of the fabric, closing even one of its ends;

With the piece sewn, it is time to prepare the piece to receive the silicone fiber. To do this, fit the empty aluminum foil roll onto the piece until the fabric is well wrinkled along the length of the paper roll;

With the empty aluminum foil roll firmly in place, place the siliconized fiber and push it with a large ruler. I repeat the process until the fabric is completely filled;

After the fabric is completely filled with silica fiber, remove the aluminum foil roll and sew the end;

To make the knot, take your fabric snake and make a loop with the end of about 25cm. Hold it tight and then make another loop on the opposite side so that you have two hoops, one on top of the other;

Crush the hoops in half as if making a bow;

With the rest of the cloth snake, loop it twice over the loop, as if you were going to tie it;

Finally, take the other end of the fabric snake and pass it through the loops of the loop and go molding the cushion in your hands.

You can also check the video.