Midnight garden quilt pattern


Midnight Garden Quilt, a beautiful piece full of style for you to decorate your home however you want. This piece is for you who want to redesign the look of your home. The quilt, as it is called, is a very beautiful craft practice in which we work with sewing and small pieces of simple and printed fabrics. This technique is very well known and is also widely used. It can give incredible results, you’ll love the pieces you’ll be able to make with the quilt.

It is a very old craft, but still very used that has been innovating a lot nowadays with better and better pieces, with just a needle, thread and some pieces or nieces of fabric you can provide various decorative objects for your house or even to sell and add a little extra money to your budget at the end of the month.


Midnight Garden Quilt, a wonderful work that looks very beautiful and is very cheap, the quilt is a technique used by many artisans for its practicality and the beautiful final result that always enchants everyone and provides incredible pieces. The colors of your bedspread will depend on your taste, remember that.


Midnight Garden Quilt

Full Pattern/Tutorial/Images: RJR Fabrics

Step 1: Make Templates Follow the instructions on page 4 to make the templates.

Step 2: Cut Fabrics Follow the cutting instructions on the back cover for each fabric, then cut the following.

Fabric 6. This fabric is used for the blocks and the binding. The yardage allows for bias or straight-grain binding using strips cut up to 2½” wide; choose one of the following. For bias binding, cut to 28″ square; then cut six strips measuring 1¾” x LOF (about 36″) for the blocks. For straight grain binding, cut eight strips your preferred binding width (up to 2½”) x the WOF; then cut six strips 1¾” x WOF for the blocks.

Fabric 7. Using Template A, cut a total of 128 triangles from the 4¼” strips. (Each strip yields at least 20.)

Our Team’s Opinion About This Pattern

Midnight Garden Quilt, a stylish piece with an amazing design to increase the style of your house, I’m sure you’re gonna love this piece and its result on your house, believe me, this piece will amaze you. This amazing piece will help you give your house a look that you’ll love and that will amaze you. This will surely make your customers want one like it, which will help you in sales!!

Want to make this amazing Midnight Garden Quilt? Then set aside all your material and tools before starting your piece so that you already have everything close at hand, this way it’ll be easy to carry out this project, follow the tutorial carefully, make your piece while following the tutorial and I’ m sure that you will be able to make this amazing work easily.