Rectangular Crochet Shawl – Free Pattern


Hello girls! How are you? Hope to find you all well. At the beginning of the year it seems that the energy is higher. We are more willing to learn, to maintain our goals, to meet our goals. The secret is to keep that energy that way until the end. For that we need calm. No demands girls, let’s try life in a lighter way. How about crocheting a little to help you be more relaxed? The Rectangular Crochet Shawl is the pattern of the day.

I was enchanted by this model and had to bring it here to share with you. It is very beautiful, a large model and very sophisticated. The crochet shawl is an extremely versatile piece that has a wide variety of combinations and options. This variety will make you have fun dressing and making incredible combinations. Whether in autumn or winter, the shawl will go very well with all styles, in addition to always keeping you warm.


It is a piece that goes very well for the cold days and it is worth having a piece in your wardrobe. The crochet shawl goes with everything. You will be impressed with the different and stylish combinations that this piece can compose. Although it is considered a coat, using crochet you can make from shawls with more open stitches and thin thread, to shawls with more closed stitches and very thick wool, to protect yourself from the cold or not.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Stitching Together

After all, crochet is a very old technique and is still used today in a wide variety of products. If you’ve never crocheted or crocheted before, start by experimenting with making a shawl. Items of clothing produced from the crochet technique are usually appreciated gifts, even considering the time invested in the practice, in addition to the patience involved in the manufacturing process. In addition, the wide variety of possible products, such as ponchos, berets, stoles, belts, skirts, makes the intrinsic universality of the practice of crochet even more evident.

In shawls of all sizes and for all styles. There are no limits of combinations for this piece, nor can it be standardized by a single size and way of wearing. Generally, the crochet shawl is worn over the shoulders or around the neck. It has an approximation with the use of the scarf. You can also use it tied or wrapped in other parts. But what up, let’s crochet? Check out the pattern available at Stitching Together. The Rectangular Crochet Shawl is a beautiful model to give as a gift to loved ones, to sell or to combine with your looks. Tell me what you think, what are your ideas. Come on, let’s crochet!