Sweater and Hat in Cable – Free Pattern


Hey everyone! I have a curiosity about crafts to see with you. Do you usually do more than one technique at the same time? More than one piece of the same technique? How do you organize yourself so you don’t get lost? I like to vary the techniques, so I alternate between quilting and crocheting. And now it’s time to finish Sweater and Hat in Cable. Two pieces made of crochet and with lovely details.

The baby clothes have an extra charm. They are small, very delicate and made with the right yarn, it is impossible not to be comfortable for the little ones. The jacket is a fundamental piece in the baby’s layette, as in addition to keeping him warm, it protects the torso that accommodates vital organs such as the lungs and heart. Added to this, it is versatile: it goes with everything and complements the look with charm and style.


More than the aesthetic issue, the model must be comfortable so as not to restrict movements and, in the worst case, make you extremely irritated to the point of crying. Therefore, the most common versions are those made of wool and crochet because they are malleable and do not hurt. In winter, cover everything and wrap warmly. Closed stitches and buttons, thicker wool, cuff-length sleeves, long length, pockets on the sides to accommodate your hands.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

The sweater with a hat covers the head outdoors and helps maintain the temperature, so try to have a model to use on the coldest days. In this model you don’t have a hat, but learn a hat that complements the look and keeps your baby protected. Although most mothers prefer to adopt sweaters in more sober colors and without prints, don’t be afraid to be daring.

In this phase vibrant colors, internal designs and buttons with different shapes fit very well and are age-appropriate. In the pattern, available from Love Crafts, you will find the measurements and sizes. This is one of the most important features because we don’t want them to be uncomfortable. Measure more than once if necessary and then just crochet. Come learn sweater and hat in cable with us and tell us what you think. Have a piece you want to learn? Tell us too. Let’s craft together!