Autumn Rhapsody Crochet Blanket Pattern


Hi sweeties! You know that yummy blanket to snuggle with? Very comfortable, soft and warm? And still beautiful, which complements your decor and makes the environment more cheerful? Yes, we can have it all in one piece. The Autumn Rhapsody Blanket is like that, a very colorful and soft blanket. All done in crochet, in the same pattern you will learn several types of stitches. In the crochet technique, the great differential of many pieces is the stitch.

There are many different models and over time you will learn several and can adapt to pieces that you want to learn or have already done. You know that beautiful coat, but that is too closed to wear on milder days? After you learn more open stitches, how about redoing this model? You will see how new options appear. As for the crochet blankets, they are indispensable pieces to have a very welcoming environment.


The piece always had an exclusive space, such as on top of the bed, on the sofa, on the balcony or even to warm up the little ones. And know that you can also make your own blanket. With a needle, scissors and a lot of yarn, it is possible to make beautiful pieces of blankets to surprise someone in particular or make home decor even more beautiful. On colder days, nothing better than adapting and making a corner more cozy to carry out the day’s tasks or watch a relaxing series.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Nana’s Crafty Home

In this case, you will only need one piece: the crochet blanket. The crochet blanket can be an excellent accessory option to protect furniture such as sofas, armchairs, children’s beds and cribs. Depending on the blanket style, its use to cover a piece of furniture can be the perfect solution to highlight the piece by exploring contrast. It’s simple to use the crochet blanket to bring more beauty, personality and style to your spaces.

And best of all, we always need few materials. I love crochet because of that too, few materials, beautiful pieces. Ready to start crocheting? Come see the Autumn Rhapsody Blanket pattern available at Nana’s Crafty Home and you will see how simple and amazing it is. You will find yourself and this could be a beautiful gift for a loved one or sell and have that extra income at the beginning of the year. Come on, let’s crochet!