Modular Block Quilt – Free Pattern


Hey everybody! If you are looking for a project to exercise your creativity and experiment with new ways of assembly, you are in the right place. Each quilt pattern allows us many changes and the Modular Block Quilt comes to help us with this idea. Very colorful and full of life, it can be assembled in the most different ways. The basic sewing tips and how to cut the pieces are described and will guide you.

But the colors, the combinations and how the seams will be done, that’s up to you. You will always have the pattern as a model that can be fully followed or not. The designer’s choice for the piece was to make it all with fabrics without prints. Personally, I think it gave the quilt a more sophisticated look, even more so in pastel tones. It is perfect for decorating the home office, a space that always calls for a little more seriousness.


Whether stretched or folded, on the sofa or armchair, quilts make a lot of difference in the decoration of the environment. You can see that, even highlighting all the colors, sometimes the same colors were side by side, appearing to be just a cutout. This makes the piece even more intriguing, we can only see the seams up close and understand how the fabrics were arranged, a charm in itself. After choosing the fabrics to be used, the designer advises on washing and ironing before anything else.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Purl Soho

I like to do this to remove excess ink from darker colors that can stain light fabrics. And you also already notice if the fabric will shrink. Batting needs no such preparations. Following the step by step, in the end you will have a quilt of approximately 50 X 60 inches. All seam allowances are ¼ inch, unless otherwise noted. In all of the following steps, pin the pieces right sides together. When you pin multiple squares together, pay special attention to lining up the middle seams and the corners exactly with one another.

The only rule is that you shouldn’t place a plain square adjacent to another plain square of the same color. Other than that, you really can place any square with any other square, in any orientation. The beauty of this quilt is in its randomness, so try not to overthink the layout. Now that we know the most important tips, it’s time to start quilting. Check out the modular block full pattern at Purl Soho. Then just tell us how your modular blocks quilt turned out.