Sunshine Crochet Pillow – Free Pattern


Hey loves! How is everything there? Hope everyone is safe and excited. Tell me what your craft goals are this year. He intends to continue doing it as a hobby, he already sells and wants to increase the number of customers, he wants to do it for the whole family. Regardless of your goal, you know you can count on us to learn many different pieces. We are very happy to know that we are helping you to continue in this creative process.

It’s very nice to do handicrafts, to be able to relax and disconnect from the day-to-day rush. Thinking of a simple but very cute model, we brought you the Sunshine Crochet Pillow. A sun with a friendly smile that makes the environment even brighter. It’s a simple pattern to make, but it’s still amazing. Cushions have a special place in the decoration of every environment.


It’s a quick and easy way to freshen up the look of the room and match the theme, if the room has one. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that a very current trend in children’s decor is the use of knitted and crocheted objects in the baby and children’s room. It’s a fact that from time to time the past comes back in full force, and now it’s the turn of rugs, toys and pillows like the ones our grandmothers knew how to make.

Sunshine Crochet Pillow // Yarnspirations

The children’s pillow, in addition to being a cheap and accessible product, plays an important role in the comfort and warmth of the little ones and also has a great positive impact on the decoration of environments. The children’s pillow lifts the spirits of any decor, doesn’t it? Big or small, colorful or neutral, made with famous characters or playful designs, printed or with phrases, personalized. And the crochet ones are even softer.

Choosing quality materials when crocheting, it will be impossible not to want to snuggle in one of these. In decoration, pillows are traditionally positioned on the children’s bed. However, if you have a decorative armchair, pouf, chair or even the famous hammock chair, be sure to add a children’s pillow to these pieces of furniture. Now that you already know all the vows, how about starting to crochet? Come see the pattern, there are many tips and instructions, you will love it!