Paw Print Granny Square – Free Pattern


Hey loves! How nice to meet you here. I feel very comfortable and grateful to have your company. I am happy to be able to share all these patterns that can be beautiful gifts, home decor or sell and guarantee an extra income. Regardless of your goal, take a look at the patterns we have here. There is always a new idea that will delight you and you will have fun doing it. Today the pattern is for animal lovers, the Paw Print Granny Squares. Look what a beautiful thing.

Here we mix a super traditional pattern with a drawing that we love, the paws. I think it’s the cutest thing, the paws are super cute and having a crochet job like that, a pattern to learn is incredible. Have you ever made a granny square pattern? It is a beautiful model that is always recommended for those who are starting to crochet. Because it’s a small pattern, it’s faster to make.


And at the beginning we are a little anxious to see the finished piece, right? At least I stayed that way and started with small pieces anyway. Not to mention that for these patterns we don’t need to invest in many materials. Perfect for those who want to test a new technique without spending too much. Granny squares are a true crochet classic and absolute champion of versatility.

Paw Print Granny Squares // Crafty Kitty Crochet

With this simple technique you can make anything, from pillows to dresses, your creativity is the limit. To get into the granny square wave, just crochet squares and then put them all together to form the piece you want. They are quick to make, fun and extremely addictive. The complexity of the work is a choice of those who make it, it is possible to use simple or elaborate stitches. In fact, they don’t even need to be squares, this technique can be used for other formats such as hexagons, triangles, flowers, etc.

The result also varies greatly, depending on the thickness of the line and the recipe used. Possibly such flexibility explains the longevity of grandma’s square, as well as the affective memory, since most of us have some memory of pieces made with this technique. And there is an infinity of models that we can make. Scarves, rugs, blankets, table runners. With a little creativity, many pieces will emerge, I’m sure.