Crochet Polar Swoncho – Free Pattern


Hey loves! What a pleasure to meet you here. I am very happy with your company and know that you can always count on us to learn new craft models. We try to alternate techniques and bring many models so you can always find something that you might like. Taking advantage of the colder season, we are going to crochet Polar Swoncho. It is a very beautiful piece, with colors that match almost everything and give a very nice touch to your look.

You might be thinking, but isn’t this a poncho? According to the designer of the piece, it is a mixed shape between the sweater and poncho. You can see the sleeves, not a common part of all ponchos. I like both ways, but this pattern has become my darling on colder days. With the sleeve, we managed to do things without “opening” any part of the garment.


It doesn’t pass wind and makes you very warm and comfortable. Ponchos are very old pieces in the clothing world, and initially they were clothing options without much influence in the fashion world. But for some time now, the piece has started to appear in the parades of important brands, and behold, the piece promises to gain even more strength this winter.

Access the pattern // Crochet Polar Swoncho

The crochet poncho is a mix of two trends, the classic poncho and the crochet pieces that are increasingly present in the fashion world. And the model with sleeves is here to stay. That’s right, if you still don’t know about this type of garment, you must have noticed that, in general, ponchos are unique pieces and without divisions, except for the head part. Therefore, a differentiating model is the version with sleeves, which creates an exclusive separation for the arms. The result is very modern and ideal for those looking for models that have a more fashionable feel and a fashion side.

Ready to start? Come and learn Polar Swoncho with us. The pattern is available at Lilla Bjorn Crochet World. Read the rounds calmly and understand what each one asks for. Then separate your materials and it’s time to crochet. How about giving a dear friend a beautiful piece like that? After you make yours, of course. Come on, let’s make this week amazing.