Cinnamon Swirl Sweater – Free Pattern


Hey my loves! How nice to meet you here in another year. Yes, it’s already 2023 and having you here with me is very rewarding. So, have you already set your goals, set new goals for this year? For me, this is the best way to maintain a schedule, to know where I want to go. And of course, my goals have a lot of crafts involved. There was no way I could exclude that part of my life. And if you’re still here with me, I believe you also wanted to renew, learn new techniques and new patterns.

We are in the right place and together we will encourage each other in all projects. Ready? Let’s start with the Cinnamon Swirl Sweater. A sweater made in crochet, super comfortable and cozy. That outfit that really hugs you, makes you warm and ready for any commitment. If you like warmer, more comfortable and stylish looks in the cold season, you can’t go wrong with crochet. In addition, handcrafted pieces are a trend and have gained new styles, textures and colors.


Handmade clothes are quite versatile, combining with many proposals and providing unique details. They also have a comfortable feel and fit to warm up and compose amazing productions. You can see that the sleeve of the sweater has different stitches, a detail that makes the outfit even more charming. The sweater’s shoulder is really lower, it won’t be at the same height as your shoulder. This is not an error, it is the model of the sweater itself. The collar is well closed, perfect for wearing on colder days.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

You can see that the stitches are also like that, not allowing the wind to pass through. As for sizes, don’t worry. In the pattern you will have several sizes with the measurements of each one of them. Here’s a tip that helps me a lot when we’re talking about clothes. As much as we follow all the instructions, handmade crafts tend to change according to who is crocheting. In addition to depending on who does it, the yarn and the crochet hook also interfere a lot.

So have a measuring tape with you. Make the first round and check if it has the same measurements as it should to repeat the size. Ready to start crocheting the first project of the year? You can find the pattern in Love Crafts. The Cinnamon Swirl Sweater can be made with the most varied colors, choose the ones you like the most and it’s time to crochet. Come tell us what you think here in the comments. Let’s make this year more amazing together!