Diagonal Strip Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! Having you here with us for another year couldn’t make us any happier. We hope you had a good New Year’s Eve, surrounded by special people. Times like this are great for us to review everything we’ve done and set new goals for this coming year. The year has changed, but our interest in crafts remains the same. We follow new trends, ideas and techniques that will inspire us. Come start the year by learning the Diagonal Strip Quilt.

If this is one of your goals, learning to sew and developing new skills, quilting will help you. And to begin with, this pattern is perfect for anyone who is starting or wants to continue quilting. Whether to decorate your home, gift someone or sell, this model is a classic and has a great output. Take advantage of this new year as a new opportunity to expand, to take your handicraft even further. Sewing is an artisanal process that requires a high level of concentration and skill.


Despite being a pleasant activity, some aspects can be difficult to manage. When you’re just a beginner, the small challenges of sewing can become a frustrating and often exhausting learning experience. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Perfect stitching requires leaving a few inches of excess fabric as a safety margin when sewing. Some sewing patterns already come with this demarcated indentation. Otherwise, you can make a margin in the fabric when tracing the pattern.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Cluck Cluck Sew

In order not to leave a fabric with several threads pulled and that worn and corroded appearance, you can cut its edges with a wave cutting scissors. This tip can save you the time of producing a hem if you’re in a hurry. Did you know that the vast majority of fabrics have a right and wrong sewing side?! The correct side of a fabric is usually where a pattern or texture is found. If you come across a fabric that has both sides identical, choose which side you want to show and keep sewing all the parts with that side, so you don’t run the risk of having a different part that you don’t previously realized.

As for the size of the quilt, if you’re thinking of laying it over the bed, the size has to cover the entire bed. This pattern is very simple, just increase or decrease the number of blocks. Now that we remember the basics, shall we begin? You can find the diagonal strip quilt pattern in Cluck Cluck Sew. Fabric tips that can be used, instructions and measurements are there. But you know you can always count on us. If you have any doubts, come talk to us in the comments. We want to know your opinion too and what else do you want to learn. Come on, let’s quilt!