Crochet Summer Boho Lace Dress Pattern


Hi my loves! We are here once more. You already know that there is a very beautiful pattern to learn with us, right? And today we are going to learn the Crochet Summer Boho Lace Dress. Such a beautiful dress and rich in details. The dress looks like lace, the stitches are so delicate. A lot of this also depends on the yarn you choose, but we’ll leave that for a moment.

Crochet is definitely on the rise! Cropped tops, bikinis, blouses and dresses made from this material have never been so successful. Whether short, midi or long, the crochet dress is guaranteed success. Even brides like the softness and fit of the pieces to wear on the big day. The ideal option for a laid-back look, the short crochet dress brings a more breezy, sexy look and leaves the woman full of femininity.


To compose the production, you can go from high heels to sneakers. It depends a lot on the occasion, but know that the dress can suit all of them if you have the right accessories to complete the look. This model has more open stitches, so you will need to use a lining. For this, choose light fabrics, nothing too thick and that might bother you. If you have a dress that is more close to the body, without many details, you can also wear it under the crochet dress.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet and Knitting

You can also play with the colors, make a contrast or keep the same color palette. When it comes to yarns, if you want a dress with a more fluid fit, finer yarns are perfect. Remember that here we are not thinking about a piece for the cold weather, even though the sleeves are long. As for the colors, choose the ones you like the most. This dress looks beautiful in all colors and it’s normal to want to have more than one.

It’s important to remember to take measurements while you’re crocheting to check if the size will fit you. Not to mention it’s an excellent gift option. It is impossible for your friends not to fall in love with this model of dress. Come learn the crochet summer boho lace dress available at Crochet and Knitting. Did you like it? Tell me here in the comments.