Wrap With Slits Crochet Pattern


Hi my darlings, welcome to Crafts All Day once again. We are here to inspire each other, exchange experiences and new patterns. We hope that you are able to feel all this there on the other side. And how about crocheting some more? Thinking about it, we brought Wrap with Slits. Another beautiful outfit, a second piece that can be used in many looks.

It is a piece that makes the look extremely elegant. You know that outfit you don’t know very well what it is? It’s not a scarf, it’s not a cardigan, but it does both very well. Perfect to use on colder days because it protects the torso and back area very well. And it’s a simple pattern that everyone who is interested in crocheting can make.


Crochet won the hearts of fashionistas, luxury brands and is present in our daily lives. But if, like us, you’ve been wondering why crochet clothes have suddenly taken over your feed and the catwalks around, we’ll explain. What started as a pastime for grandmas has become a hobby for Gen Z. As a way to find escapism amid the pandemic, young people around the world have taken to adopting and sharing DIY techniques on social media, and have begun to adopt crochet as a way to relieve anxiety and express their style in a colorful way.

Wrap with Slits Pattern // Yarnspirations

We’ve already talked about how much the moment of social isolation in recent years has reflected in fashion. The return of crochet clothes to the center of attention is nothing more than a reflection of the search for more comfortable, handmade, creative fashion that rescues the fashionism of the 70s, the moment of crochet. And these clothes are very successful.

You can start offering, sell to friends and start promoting your work too. Of course, if that’s you’re interest. Here you will see that to change the size, you will make the piece longer or shorter, setting the opening in a position that is comfortable. Come on, let’s crochet. How about doing the wrap with slits this weekend? Come tell me what you think here in the comments.