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Carpenter Star Quilt with Border


Hi everyone, welcome to our world of crafts. Another day, another pattern. We try to bring you complete patterns here, with tips and all the instructions so that you don’t have any doubts when doing it. But remember that this is also a community, if you have questions ask here in the comments.

If you’ve done any sewing, you know that details make a lot of difference. Today we want to show you the Carpenter Star Quilt with border. It is a very classic model and known by many artisans. A different idea to make the quilt more modern, personalized is to add a different border to your quilt.


Here’s the idea. In the center of the quilt you have the classic star pattern. You must have already seen it in other models out there, in the models that we brought here as well. Reading the pattern you will see that the instructions are very similar. It’s not a difficult pattern to make, as the cutouts are simple and the stitching too.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

When buying fabrics, be a little more generous with measurements. So you can take advantage and make this beautiful edge detail. Here the designer mixes squares and rectangles. You can follow the same pattern, interspersing colors and formats. If you want that contrast between the background of the quilt and the carpenter star, choose very different tones.

To ensure that the darker fabric won’t stain the lighter one, you can wash the fabrics before cutting and sewing them. Enjoy and see if the fabric has shrunk. This prevents the quilt from warping after washing. If you have any doubts after reading the carpenter star quilt, come and talk to us here in the comments. We’re here to bring you inspiration, let’s quilt!


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